Mummy & Me Magic: Adorable Matching Avarcas for Spring Adventures!

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Hey there shoe lovers!

Step into the sun-kissed days of spring with Shoeq's Classic Avarcas, the perfect footwear for both you and your little fashionista! These iconic shoes, handcrafted with love in Dubai, embody the essence of comfort, timeless design, and the joy of shared moments.

A Journey Through Time, Together:

The Avarca's history stretches back centuries, originating in the Balearic Islands of Spain. Today, the Avarcas continue to be a beloved symbol of Mediterranean culture, embraced for their laid-back charm and timeless appeal. At Shoeq, we stay true to this tradition, using only the finest quality leathers and employing skilled artisans to hand-stitch each pair with meticulous care.

Beyond Comfort, Beyond Style:

Shoeq's Classic Avarcas offer the ultimate in comfort and versatility for both you and your daughter. Available in a vibrant array of colours, from classic neutrals to bold pops of glittery hues, you can find the perfect pair to complement your unique styles and create adorable twinning moments.

Dress them down with jeans and tees for casual outings, or elevate your looks with flowing skirts and summer tops. The possibilities are endless!

Hear from the Shoeq Family:

"Picked these up for my daughter for summer, I have the peekaboo style ones and she wanted matching. The colour is just gorgeous and we love how well made they are. plus super comfortable! A winning combination”. - Amira H, Girls Classic Avarca in Champagne Glitter

“My 5yo daughter picked these glitter shoes from the entire Shoeq collection. Unlike other shoes, she never complains to wear her Shoeqs as they are so comfortable and the ones we have already have grown so nicely with her feet. She is always excited to show her friends her "glitter" shoes and I'm sure these will be no different. Thank you Shoeq for making matching shoes for my little girl and me x” - Sallie H, Girls Classic Avarca in Champagne Glitter

Spring in Style with Matching Avarcas:

With so many exciting events on the horizon, including Ramadan, spring break holidays, and Easter, there's no better time to embrace the magic of matching Avarcas.

Why Every Mum and Daughter Needs Shoeq Avarcas:

  • Unmatched comfort and support for growing feet and busy adult lives.
  • Adorable styles and vibrant colours to express your unique personalities.
  • Handcrafted with love and ethical practices, ensuring quality that lasts.
  • The joy of creating lasting memories through adorable twinning moments.

Step into Spring Together:

Experience the magic of Shoeq's Classic Avarcas for yourself and your daughter! Visit one of our flagship stores in Dubai or explore our online boutique to discover the perfect pair that reflects your unique bond. Embrace the spirit of spring and create unforgettable memories, one stylish step at a time.

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