Embrace Everyday Bliss: Step into style in Shoeq's Classic Espadrilles

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Hey there shoe lovers!

The sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean... The whisper of woven jute against warm sand…. The effortless blend of comfort and style… This is the magic of the Espadrille, a timeless shoe that embodies summer spirit and everyday ease. And at Shoeq, we've captured this essence in our collection of Classic Espadrilles – handcrafted wonders designed to elevate your stride, wherever your day takes you.

More than just an everyday essential, the Espadrille boasts a rich heritage dating back centuries. Its origins lie in the rugged terrain of Spain, where skilled artisans crafted these shoes from natural fibres for both practicality and comfort. At Shoeq, we honour this tradition, handcrafting each pair with meticulous care, using only the finest materials and ethical practices. And, today, they've transcended their humble beginnings, gracing the feet of fashion icons and everyday adventurers seeking a touch of summer magic and ultimate comfort.

Want to know  what truly sets Shoeq's Classic Espadrilles apart?

 It's the perfect blend of comfort and design. The soft, cushioned footbed feels like a gentle hug for your feet, while the flexible jute sole provides just the right amount of support, making them ideal for all-day wear. Whether you're strolling through bustling city streets, running round the malls, the office, on the school run, or simply enjoying a leisurely coffee date, these shoes move with you, offering effortless comfort with every step.

And there’s even more…

Let's not forget the style! Available in a spectrum of colours from calm neutrals, to classic darks, and some with a touch of glitter even, our Classic Espadrilles add a touch of stylish summer-y charm to any outfit. Dress them down with jeans or shorts and a tee for a casual look, pair them with a flowy maxi dress for an effortlessly cool ensemble, or style them with trousers and a top for the ultimate in office chic. They're the perfect finishing touch for any outfit, adding a touch of personality without sacrificing comfort.

Just listen to what our customers have to say

“My new Espadrille’s are gorgeously soft and comfy. They look great with cropped jeans in the day and fab with long dresses in the eve. Love the way they look and I’m so happy I bought them in time for summer in England!” - Sam M.

“I already have about 4 colours of these in other colours but recently added the Navy colour for my Eid vacation to Italy. I wanted to take just one pair of shoes that I could walk for miles in, would match with everything, and look super stylish. These ticked all my boxes and definitely did not disappoint! Thank you Shoeq as always for such comfortable stylish shoes.” - Celine P.

Are you ready to buy…?

In a world of fleeting trends, Shoeq's Classic Espadrilles stand as a testament to timeless design and enduring comfort. They're not just shoes; they're an invitation to embrace the simple pleasures, to wander with ease, and to experience the joy of summer, wherever you may be.

So, why wait? Treat your feet to the sunshine and style they deserve!

Visit one of our flagship stores in Dubai or browse our online boutique to discover your perfect pair today!