Ramadan Outfit Inspo: Sparkle & Shine with Classic Avarcas

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Hey there shoe lovers!

Ramadan is a time for reflection, connection, and celebrating with loved ones. As you curate your outfits for Iftar gatherings and suhoors beneath the stars, don't forget the power of a perfect shoe! 

Shoeq's Classic Avarcas in stunning glitter finishes are the ideal way to add a touch of sparkle and help you step out in style this Ramadan.

The beauty of the Classic Avarca in our gorgeous glitter finishes lies in its versatility. Whether you're aiming for understated elegance or a touch of playful glamour, there's a perfect shade to complement your style.

  • Comfort & Style: Crafted from the finest leather and featuring a supportive sole, the Classic Avarca offers unparalleled comfort throughout your Ramadan festivities.

  • Effortless Versatility: From Iftar gatherings to festive evenings, the Classic Avarca in glitter seamlessly transitions between occasions, adding a touch of sparkle wherever you go.

  • Incredible Quality: At Shoeq, we use only the highest quality materials and traditional techniques to ensure your Avarcas become a treasured part of your wardrobe for years to come.

A Touch of Magic for Every Outfit:

Whether you're opting for understated elegance or a full-on glam look, our Classic Avarcas in glitter offer versatile options to complement your unique style:

  • Champagne Glitter: This timeless hue adds a subtle shimmer to a classic black abaya, perfect for daytime gatherings or evening prayers.

  • Rainbow Gold or Candy Glitter: Embrace the vibrant spirit of Ramadan with a burst of colour! The playful Rainbow Gold or Candy Avarcas pair beautifully with a simple and elegant abaya or a flowy kaftan.

  • Rose Gold Glitter: A touch of romantic allure, Rose Gold Avarcas add a touch of femininity to any Ramadan outfit.

  • Navy Glitter: A sophisticated choice, Navy Glitter Avarcas look incredible with an abaya or a chic kaftan for evening festivities, and are perfect paired with more casual jeans and abayas to bring a little sparkle throughout your day.

  • Midnight Glitter: If you’re opting for chic all-black outfits, then our Midnight Glitter Avarcas add just a touch of sparkle to your step for that understated but beautifully thought through look.

Find Your Perfect Sparkle:

Explore Shoeq's collection of Classic Avarcas in dazzling glitter finishes – Champagne Gold, Rainbow Gold, Rose Gold, Navy Glitter and Midnight Glitter. Visit one of our flagship stores in Dubai or browse our online boutique to discover the perfect pair to add a touch of sparkle to your Ramadan style.

Celebrate Ramadan with Shoeq! 

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